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Ice Cream Scoops

This scoop allows you to cut through hard frozen treats. Defrosting fluid sealed inside the handle- thus instant gratification. Scoops are funky and unique and claustrophobic! They don't like the dishwasher at all... hand wash only.

Butter Spreaders

A small knife with a well rounded blade used for butter, soft cheeses, and tapas.  Add to the festivity of your buffet table... and yes we did make cheese that much more appealing!

Demitasse Spoons

Stainless steel spoons are durable and fabulously fun to use for small servings on your buffet, along with dessert, appetizers, sugar, and festive children's fare. 

Baby Spoons

The tapered shape of the spoon is great for little mouths and the soft tips are gentle on teething gums. These utensils are BPA- and phthalate free.

Top rack dishwasher safe.

Cocktail Forks

Enjoy small bites of hors d'oeuvres and more with cocktail forks. Ideal for any occasion, these small utensils make it easy to serve seafood and other small appetizers. 


You'll never lose your pen at work again! Whimsical writers that fit comfortably in your hand. They take a Bic refill and do not come with a top. Start your next class with some panache!


These stainless steel servers make every cake, pie, or whatever dessert your heart desires just that much better! The beautiful mirror finish servers will not corrode over time.

Cheese Tools

Each set of stainless steel cheese tools comes with 3 different tools for cutting a variety of gourmet cheeses. The set comes with a medium-hard cheese knife, a hard cheese knife, and a cheese fork. The polkaspots in the steel help resist stickiness of all cheeses.

Cheese Planes

These funky cheese planes are the epitome of creative dining. Perfect for slicing long pieces of hard cheese. The two prongs pick up your cheese with ease. 

Children's Dining Set

This set comes fully packed with a children's size fork, spoon, and butter knife. These utensils will make each meal an adventure.

Cheese Knife


Each stainless steel, limited edition, 8.5 inch cheese knife is best suited for semi-hard cheeses such as cheddar, havarti, and gouda.

Really Important Information!

Each of the pieces you will see are different and all of the patterns are unique like finger prints. As a result, no two pieces are alike and the piece you see in the picture is just an example. What you receive will be unique to your order and there will be variances. Some pieces have more attitude than others and we will do our best to keep them under control!

Please allow a minimum of 2 weeks for your products to be made and then shipped to you. We could be at an art show near you, or just raising a ruckus somewhere else.

Please take note that we have included multiple items in our pictures, that's so you can see the many mood swings of the artist. When you are ordering utensils other than the salt and pepper shakers, which are a pair, you receive only one of each piece.

Utensils prefer to be hand washed.  


Start by selecting your colors!



Shades of pink scattered with an assortment of warm technicolor designs


Blueberry Hill

Shades of cool blues with an assortment of cool technicolor designs


Teal Appeal

Shades of teal with an assortment of cool technicolor designs. 


Purple Haze

Shades of purple with a random assortment of technicolor designs


Every Color Under the Sun

Always different, always random, a conglomeration of all sorts of festive and funky designs


Jungle Green

Shades of green with an assortment of cool technicolor designs


Checkerboard Pink

Beginning with a checkerboard heavily sprinkled in warm colors


Checkerboard Blue

Beginning with a checkerboard heavily sprinkled in cool colors


Zebra with Polkaspots

A heavy dose of black and white, adding in a myriad of multicolored polkaspots 


Sunburnt Penguin

A heavy dose of black and white, adding in scads of pretty pink bubbles


Grape Fizz

A heavy dose of black and white, adding in piles of purple polkaspots


Frog Eyes

A heavy dose of black and white, adding in gobs of green polkaspots

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