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The Grand Adventure 
    This artist's life is such a grand adventure!

    I spend quite a bit of time in my studio, creating new and colorful worlds. I work with brightly colored polymer clay, creating patterns that suit all of my moods!

I visit groups and share the concepts of creating artwork and the work involved in turning it into a business.  We take a trip that starts with the original idea, and continue our journey through each phase of pricing, marketing, and selling. 

    I find great joy in creating the things that come into my heart. I enjoy making work that you can pull out everyday and allow it to alter your mood and make your guests smile. 

    When artwork is created from your heart, it is said that both the admirer, and the artists' hearts have something in common. It is a brilliant path and makes for the best friends!

The Business of Selling Art

This is an energetic workshop that travels through creating the concept of art, then venturing into how to turn it into a business. Subjects included will be merchandising, custom work, pricing, sales venues, and selling behaviors.  


Classroom presentations, and group visits are welcome.

Contact me directly to check on available dates and times. 


Learn brush strokes, color blending and other painting techniques. Class subjects are chosen by host and held at your chosen site.  

All age and skill levels will be successful. We'll begin with a blank canvas, and in and hour and a half, you'll take home your own masterpiece.

Classes are only available by request, and will be held at your venue. 

Cost per student is $20, all materials included.

15 Student minimum

Contact me directly!

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