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Carolyn Schallmo​!

Eclectic Expressions of Color and Mirth!

About the Artist

 Capturing the colors of love and laughter, Carolyn Schallmo uses polymer clay and stainless steel to create one of a kind artwork for people who love to live out loud.

This site showcases Carolyn's line of utensils, using the ancient techniques of millefiori. Each piece is infused with brilliant colors and intricate patterns to tickle your fancy through fun, faith, and humor in collections that span all seasons. All pieces are original and no two pieces are alike.

As a children's book illustrator, Carolyn has provided art for several titles currently available via Amazon. She also teaches art classes, conducts workshops and painting parties and frequently participates in art shows.

"This is a family operated business and we travel, live an uproariously busy life and keep a fully operating art studio," Carolyn says. "I have a fabulous time and I'm grateful that you've taken the time to enter my world!" 

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